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 VGW Phone Number - 989-662-4940

 Call to register for your class and ask for Debbie.  Phone messages will be returned.

 Payment for a class is expected  at the time of registration.  Your place in class is reserved upon payment.  NO Refund for missed one hour classes, but a single make-up for multiple day classes may occur.

Steps for using SQUARE form of payment is as follows:

1. Furnish VGW with your email address.

 2. VGW sends you an invoice through SQUARE by email.

 3. You fill in your credit card number and other information on the SQUARE invoice form when opening the invoice from your email account. Credit card information is kept private and secure. 

 4. Send the completed invoice to SQUARE through email and they pay VGW.  


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Glass Parties at VGW

The first seed bubble.The first seed bubble.Fun, fun, fun with friends.....make a check on the bucket list.  These classes can be made into parties. Register 6 or more people and pick your own date and time.  Bring food and drink, we'll have a separate table ready for you at no charge.  Payment for the party occurs at the time of registration.  Cancellations are 1 week in advance of the date. 

  • 1 Hour Glass Blowing
  • Glass Fusing - 1 day
  • Introduction to Stained Glass

Glass Blowing - 1 Hour Classes

Glass Blowing Parties are held on a request basis.  All students are given a 15 minute tutorial that includes safety instructions, a walk through the glass blowing steps of the project, and a hands-on using tools that are not hot.  Once that is complete, the students pick the colors for their project and the individual glass blowing begins. Students are able to do as much or as little as they choose.  The VGW instructor has hands on all tools at all times along with the student. Choose from a wine stop, ornament, or icicle.  All students in the class make the same object. 

Cost: $50 per person


Glass Fusing Class - 1 day

Using an 8" disk of glass supplied by VGW, create the decoration on the disk using glass frits, powders, confetti, or pre-blown glass. The decorations have beautiful colors that you are able position in your own special way to make to make your own work of art that is food safe and dishwasher safe.  2 hour class

Cost: $65 per person



 This class is a 1 day / 3 hour class introduces a person to cutting, foiling, and soldering a 6 piece stained glass project, all the beginning steps for constructing stained glass in a single class setting.   All tools and materials are furnished.  

Cost is $60.